Te Wero Hauhau
The Fresh Air Challenge

Kia ora Koutou

Spring is here and the Fresh Air Challenge – Te Wero Hauhau returns! 

(Note: Prior to September, feel free to familiarise yourself with the challenge website; log some trips and share with your colleagues and friends! All trips logged before September will be set back to zero, all ready to commence on day one of the challenge!)

Te Wero Hauhau is a great opportunity to choose and embed sustainable transport routines into day-to-day habits. For the month of September 2022, workplaces, schools and individuals enter the challenge and log sustainable local trips such as bike, walk, scooter, car share, bus (instead travelling alone in the car) or even saving car kilometres by logging virtual meetings or working from home.

Every smart travel choice adds up and gives you the chance to see your sustainable kilometres grow, and CO2 emissions reduce. It also puts you in the weekly prize draws and gives the opportunity to compete for the challenge’s category winners!

The Fresh Air Challenge – Te Wero Hauhau is a springboard to long-term sustainable transport habits.

19,285 Trips
Park & Walk
8,749 Trips
5,719 Trips
4,924 Trips
3,667 Trips