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Te Wero Hauhau is about making positive changes to how we travel to work, to school or to amenities around our centres and the district.


The Challenge 2023 runs for the month of September and is a fantastic opportunity to try out and increase your active or shared modes of transport. 


Our environment, our centres, our people and your wellbeing all benefit from choosing active or shared transport modes. Transport has a significant impact on CO2 emissions and climate change, so let's be part of the solution, not the problem! Reducing our reliance on single occupancy car trips begins with actions like a footstep, the pedal of a bicycle, hopping on a bus, or even car ridesharing with your friends and peers!


The challenge is for anyone based in the New Plymouth district who wishes to replace potential single driver car trips with a sustainable mode of transport.

*Sustainable modes: bike, e-bike, walk, run, bus, scooter (or skate), e-scooter, ride share (2+ people per car) or saving km by working from home or virtual meetings online.

Participants enter under one of 3 categories: Workplaces, Individuals, Schools.


Register your workplace, school or as an individual. Then for September, simply log your trips on the website. Trips are logged by their km distance and can be logged daily or at the end of each week. Logging trips is the key to recording your success and contribution to your team's sustainable kilometres.

Be bold, be brave, get involved! Kia kaha!

New Workplaces: register your workplace HERE then each staff member can sign up on the home page and assign to your workplace.

Existing Workplaces: If your workplace has participated in the past, simply sign up and assign to your workplace, or log in with your existing account.

Individuals: Sign up on the home page, or log in to your existing account.

Schools: email the Let's Go team

Contact LetsGo.Email@npdc.govt.nz for more info

Technical Support

If you are having technical issues with the website / trip logging, please try the following:
1. Try a different web browser
2. Refresh your browser
3. Clear the browser cache
4. Wait a few minutes and try again

If you are still having difficulties, email the Let's Go Team with a screenshot of the error message and description of what you were doing at the time. LetsGo.Email@npdc.govt.nz

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Form a team with your workmates and join the Let’s Go, 2023 Fresh Air Challenge this September! 

Is your workplace new to the challenge? Register your workplace HERE.

How much counts?

Every single trip counts! The more trips logged the better, but even one sustainable transport choice a week is valuable! Remember that working from home (instead of driving into the office) can be logged for the kilometres you save. If you bike to work all year, then take this opportunity to clock up your commuting distances, which your teammates will be grateful for!  

What can I log?

Any time a single occupancy car drive is replaced with a sustainable travel mode, it can be logged. You can log any active or sustainable commutes that you do during the month, including the weekends. Even a trip to the shop, pool, library, doctors and so on can be logged. 

How do I see my statistics?

Under My Dashboard, you can see your live statistics and ranking. For teams, you can also see how you’re tracking against other workplaces of similar size on the Workplaces tab. Workplaces with high numbers of participants will also be acknowledged, and prizes awarded.

What is not in?

Training and exercise routines are great to do and should always be promoted. However, for the Fresh Air Challenge, please only log trips that are commuting or going from A to B where a car trip is being replaced with a sustainable mode of transport. Please do not log training rides, off road rides, tramping or walking the dog. 

E-cars are fantastic for reducing carbon emissions but not to be logged for this challenge, unless it is part of a car ride-share trip. 

Please do not log motor bike trips.

Can a workplace have multiple teams?

For large organisations, an inter-team set-up is a fun way to encourage healthy competition between teams.  It may also be a good motivator to inspire more participation. 

If your workplace is looking for fun and rewarding team building activities, then the Fresh Air Challenge is a great opportunity! Not only are you enhancing your own health and wellbeing, but you are also making a valuable and positive contribution to your district and community. Thanks to our sponsors, there are many fantastic prizes available too! Ka Pai!

Register your workplace HERE.

For more information contact LetsGo.Email@npdc.govt.nz 


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The Fresh Air Challenge for schools and kura starts on Monday 04 September and will run for two weeks until Friday 14 September.

Schools in the New Plymouth District are split into two competitions, Year 1-6 and Year 7-8, and compete against other kura in their category for the coveted Te Wero Hauhau - Fresh Air Challenge Trophy. Primary schools also compete for the special category awards below: 

  • Golden Foot Award/Tapuwae Kōura: most walking trips 
  • Wicked Wheels Award/ Wīra Wetiweti: most riding, scootering and skating trips 
  • Clean Air Award/ Hāhāngia te hā ora: most rideshare and bus trips 

There’s also competition between classes within each school; those classes who have recorded the most active transport trips at the end of the Challenge are rewarded with passes for their local pool. 

To register your school contact the Let’s Go team (letsgo@npdc.govt.nz).